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New to the Parish?
If so please make contact with
Mark Whiting . You are most welcome.

Prayers for the Sick and Housebound
If anyone wishes me to add a name of someone to our
list situated in front of the Lady Altar, and being placed
in front of the Blessed Sacrament on Wednesday
please send their name to Fr. 
Mark Whiting .

Anointing of the Sick
    can bring much peace and comfort to someone in time
of sickness and can give a person courage to face
an impending operation. Please ask if you wish
anointing for yourself, family member or friend.

    For all matters relating to St Mary's or Queen Alexandra Hospital,
please contact the Chaplaincy office direct on  92286408, 
where there is an answer phone if no one
is in the office. In an emergency, ask a member
of staff to contact a priest. We offer a 24hr service.

The Repository is now situated in the corner to left  of
the high altar and a few steps from the Confessional.

Parish Library    There are a huge range of spiritual reading books in the West Chapel do make use of them.

Ministers of Communion who take the Eucharist out to the sick and housebound please record the details of those you visit in the Black folder in the Sacristy. Fr. Mark Whiting would also like the opportunity to visit them. Thank you.

C.W.L. Notices
Pastoral Area

Please Dounload The Details Below

         Job Application Form

Equal Opportunities Monitoring Form         

MASS INTENTION-NEW STYLE ENVELOPES AVAILABLE NOW Please complete Mass Offering envelope fully, giving full details of Mass intention, preferred date, and add your contact telephone number. Enclose any offering and put thorough the Parish House Door.

MASS INTENTIONS -   Mass offerings will be fitted in to the nearest available Mass. They are prioritised in order of receipt unless a specific date is given. Undated ones will be said in order of receipt. With this in mind - there may be times when a specific Mass cannot be said at the time requested, but you will be contacted if this is the case.

Help Wanted
Could you spare a couple of hours, every two of weeks, on a Monday morning, to help count the Sunday collection etc., in the parish house. Your help would be much appreciated

Fr.Mark Whiting On the first anniversary of his Ordination

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